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In the Schinkelkwartier in Amsterdam, we will develop the Think District: an innovative, sustainable new neighbourhood where inclusive living and working are in balance with nature. A living lab in which innovation and collaboration fluently blend together.

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Byldis has started assembling the prefab elements of the new office building for Janssen 
1 year ago
Construction continue at Leiden Bio Science Park. 
1 year ago
Foundation works at Leiden Bio Science Park are ongoing! 
2 years ago

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RED Company was founded by Niels Jansen and Nanne de Ru in 2015. It all started with a single objective: creating next-level real estate of the highest possible quality. We are proud to say that, only a few years later, we have achieved our goal. Our projects have already made their mark, showing that we are a breath of fresh air in the real-estate world. We are young, ambitious, enthusiastic and adventurous, always on the lookout for innovative, design-driven and sustainable real-estate concepts. Every member of our RED team is keen to make a positive impact through the single-minded pursuit of quality and enhanced value.

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