A Way to Healthy Innovation

We took ASICS’ mission statement – ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ – and gave it physical form by developing a new regional HQ that proactively stimulates a healthy and sustainable life- and workstyle.

Hoofddorp, NL
11,874M² LFA
250 places
2017 - 2018 Q4


Total footprint of m2


Architecture by Powerhouse Company

The atrium is the building’s sociable heart, and a shop window for the brand

For the design of Japanese brand ASICS’ regional headquarters, we drew on the architectural tradition of the palazzo, creating a central atrium space that is symbolic of company values as well as facilitating social interaction. At the heart of the atrium we placed a three-dimensional showcase that displays the ASICS’ brand and functions as a podium, meeting space and design center. We replace the functions of a conventional office lobby with the atrium’s informal meeting space and a public and prominent exhibition space.

Open staircases facilitate spontaneous encounters
Product showcases are an important element of this project
A place of sharing where interdisciplinary teams can inspire and help one another


We committed to developing a building that boosts people’s energy levels and makes an inviting environment to work in while stimulating cooperation though pleasantly green social spaces that trigger informal encounters and discussion. Our intelligent building contributes to a high-quality work- and lifestyle by using the latest green solutions, natural materials and high-tech climate control features. Our design facilitates the co-working philosophy of ASICS and fuels knowledge sharing so that people from different areas of expertise can help and inspire each other.

We focus on making our planet a healthier place by integrating sustainability into our design rather than treating it just as an add-on. We think it is self-evident that sustainability should play a substantial role in real-estate development which is why we focused on the reuse of materials and minimizing the carbon footprint of the ASICS building, as in all our buildings.


The ASICS office is part of a campus ensemble shared with French food brand Danone, with its complementary take on healthy foods. The Danone Dutch office is connected to the ASICS one via a shared park-like garden – an outdoor area designed to boost feelings of wellness and relaxation, while bringing the worlds of fitness and nutrition together.
These global companies are very complementary to one another
A unique interaction between the two worlds of food and sports
The HQ's unique branded entrance


Creating spaces that foster healthy and innovative working patterns is a complex process. We formed mutually beneficial partnerships to stimulate creativity and combine resources on this forward-looking project.

  • Architecture Powerhouse Company
  • Construction PLEIJSIER BOUW
  • Consultancy and management  DVP
  • Engineering and consultancy IMD
  • Engineering Deerns
  • Landscape and urban design  LAP
  • Engineering and consultancy  DGMR
  • Strategy development skonk
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A Future-Proof Workplace

Danone HQ

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