Urban Living in Eindhoven

Our renovation of the Bunker will create a new hotspot for living, working and leisure in Eindhoven. At the heart of the development, a new 100-m-high residential tower containing 210 apartments is set to become a magnet for young professionals and families keen to live in a dynamic yet relaxing urban environment.

Residential, office
Eindhoven, NL
32,000 GFA
138 spaces
2016 – 2022
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A contemporary take on a Brutalist monument

We have preserved the best aspects of Hugh Maaskant’s original architecture, using it as a launchpad for our redevelopment. The two double-height wings of the building have great spatial quality and offered enormous potential for reuse. The middle section, however, was dark and low, and no longer met current building standards. Redeveloping this section, we are creating a contemporary residential tower in the middle of the original Bunker.

Our Bunker Tower harmonizes with Maaskant’s building, while lending it a new lease of life
We echo the original architecture with the form of the new tower
We feature the concrete beams of the preexisting Brutalist structure in some of the Bunker Tower apartments
Our spacious new apartments feature beautiful panoramic views

A new view of Eindhoven

The Perfectly Located Bunker Tower

The Bunker Tower is destined to become the new place to be in the city of Eindhoven, thanks to its combination of living, working and leisure facilities and a beautiful landscaped park, plus its location on a main city access route. Located between Eindhoven Technical University and the city center, The Bunker Tower is easily accessible for a wide public.

The outlook is particularly stunning by night


We believe that diversity is the key to successful development on all levels. The Bunker Tower will be home to a diverse community, and we will ensure that the apartment interiors reflect that. Residents will have the opportunity to customize their own layout and finishes, as well as being able to choose from a range of different apartment types – everything from a compact 60m2 two-room home, to a four-bedroom penthouse of 240m2, to a family apartment with an XL balcony so the kids can play ‘outside’.


With various facilities including a grand café, incubator offices for start-ups and a lush green park where events can take place, The Bunker Tower has something for everyone – whether students, local residents, city visitors or urban entrepreneurs.
The concrete finish ensures a raw, industrial quality in the Bunker Tower offices
The Bunker Tower: A place where architecture, culture, nature, living and business meet


This multi-use project, involving restoration as well as construction, offers many interesting challenges. That’s why we are working with a group of ambitious partners to ensure that the realization lives up to all our expectations.

  • Architecture Powerhouse Company
  • Engineering Deerns
  • Consultancy Rho
  • Landscape and urban design Delva
  • Co-development Being Development
  • Consultancy IMd
  • Project management DVP
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