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The monumental Bunker Tower from Hugh Maaskant has been completely renovated and expanded with a monumental residential 100-meter high-rise. For years, the Bunker was the vibrant heart of the Eindhoven student life. With the renovation the Bunker gets a new lease on life: the Bunker Tower and the surrounding Bunker Park give a new impetus to the neighborhood and the city.

Residential, office
Eindhoven, NL
32,600 GFA
138 spaces
2016 – 2023

A contemporary take on a Brutalist monument

The building was originally the mensa and fraternity building of the TU Eindhoven. Over the years, the students gave the brutalist building a nickname: the Bunker. We preserved the best aspects of Hugh Maaskant’s original, using it as a launchpad for our development. The Bunker is a brutalist classic with powerful lines, robust materials, and massive volumes. The addition of a residential tower made the renovation possible and gives this historical place a new lease on life. The design brings together the tower and the original structure. Rather than working around the monument, we chose a daring continuation of the Maaskant style.

The Bunker Tower tribute in concrete 
Our Bunker Tower harmonizes with Maaskant’s building, while lending it a new lease of life
We echo the original architecture with volume of the new tower
The original concrete has been carefully restored

A bold solution

The asymmetrical and tapering shape gives the Bunker Tower a different perspective from every angle. Through three different sections, the building becomes progressively lighter and more transparent toward the top. The large areas of glass at the top of the tower symbolize the opening of the closed Bunker and offer the new residents a magnificent view of the city of Eindhoven.

The tower becomes more and more transparent towards the top


In the tower, we realized 210 rental- and owner-occupied apartments spread out over 32 floors. Residents had the opportunity to customize their own layout and finishes and were able to choose from a range of different apartment types – everything from a compact 60m2 two-room home to a four-bedroom penthouse of 240m2 to a family apartment with an XL balcony so the kids can play ‘outside’.
Bunker Tower as seen from the sky


The Bunker Park is an important element in the design and strengthens the tree green axes that characterize Eindhoven. DELVA transformed the existing parking facility into a spacious public park.  The design of the seating and routing throughout the park uses the same visual language as the tower. The greenery on and around the Bunker Tower acts as a water buffer, and the use of local plans strengthens the biodiversity. We made the original Bunker future-proof, adding a green roof and solar panels.

With various facilities including a grand café, incubator offices for start-ups, and a lush green park where events can take place, The Bunker Tower has something for everyone – whether students, residents, visitors, or entrepreneurs.
The lines of the landscape follow the visual language of the tower


Realizing an iconic project like this is only possible with a great team. That’s why we work with a group of ambitious partners.

  • Co-development Being
  • Architecture Powerhouse Company
  • Construction Van Wijnen
  • Engineering Deerns
  • Consultancy RHO
  • Landscape & urban design Delva
  • Consultancy  IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs
  • Project management DVP
  • Photography Sebastian van Damme
  • Photography Marcel IJzerman
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A new impetus for the Rijnhaven

Codrico Terrain

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