A new impetus for the Rijnhaven

We present our vision for the spectacular metamorphosis of the so-called Codrico Terrain in Rotterdam located in the harbour basin of the Rijnhaven. The development contains the monumental factory and the surrounding site.


Total m² of the mixed-use development

A homage to the factory

The Codrico factory, a site of cultural heritage and a national listed monument, is a significant marker within the Rotterdam harbor. Through relocating the factory’s industrial activities, the site at Katendrecht will be unlocked for redevelopment. With space for approximately 1,500 new rental and owner-occupied homes, including no less than 50% homes in the affordable segment, the Codrico Terrain will be accessible to all residents of Rotterdam. A bustling place with offices, shops, restaurants and cultural functions in the plinths. The mixed-use development covers a total of 190,000 m², including a magnificent iconic public building in the water of the Rijnhaven.

Nanne de Ru, co-founder of RED Company

“Everyone in Rotterdam knows the Codrico site with its unique ‘green’ cube. In its essence, it forms the soul of Katendrecht and has inspired us enormously. It’s great that this unique area is finally becoming publicly accessible”

International allure

The development vision was drawn up in collaboration with the architectural firm Powerhouse Company. Additionally, Powerhouse Company designed the building on the quay and the apartment complex on the site next to the factory. The 220-meter-high tower was designed by New York-based SHoP Architects. The factory redevelopment was designed by Office Winhov together with Crimson Historians & Urbanists. The outdoor space, parks and quays are a design by Delva Landscape Architects & Urbanism. These players of international allure have created a beautiful ensemble with their collaboration.


Residential units

Loop around the Rijnhaven

This unique collection of buildings will finally close the pedestrian loop along the quay of the Rijnhaven harbor, a long-standing desire for the municipality of Rotterdam. By closing this loop around the harbor basin, Rotterdam residents will be able to enjoy a multitude of settings– from the new and cosmopolitan Kop van Zuid, the quaint and historic harbor quarter of Katendrecht, to the floating esplanades and the soon to be developed city park.

The public spaces are a connecting element in our vision
From its current industrial function
To a unique and vibrant ensemble

The iconic Maritime Center

The harbour will unlock a new potential as a new and spectacular public space of Rotterdam. It will give space to the iconic Maritime Center designed by Mecanoo. The triple helix of the international maritime world comes together in this iconic building: the past, present and future. This building will be open to the public and partly under water.

The new city center of Rotterdam

The redevelopment of the Codrico Terrain in combination with the Maritime Center completes the encompassing vision of the Rijnhaven where different atmospheres, scales and the maritime seamlessly come together. It is a large step towards a complete development: the Rijnhaven as a new Rotterdam city center for the 21st century.


For this ambitious vision, we formed mutually beneficial partnerships to stimulate creativity and combined our resources in order to achieve the next level quality we are always striving for. Therefore, with great thanks to our partners:

  •  Powerhouse Company
  •  SHoP Architects
  •  Office Winhov
  •  Mecanoo
  •  Delva Landscape Architects
  •  DVP
  •  George & Harrison
  •  Crimson Historians
  •  Anne van der Zwaag
  •  Build in Amsterdam
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