A Future-Proof Workplace

Our new office for Danone has a minimized carbon footprint, offers a healthy working environment and encourages knowledge exchange on all levels.

8,350 m² LFA
Q3 2018 – Q1 2019
179 spaces

A Timeless Vision

Back in 1972, Danone founder Antoine Riboud redefined the traditional role of the business leader and outlined a new vision of corporate social responsibility in a speech he made to 2000 executives in Marseille. His vision still informs Danone’s mission and core values, which we set out to embody in the concept and design of the company’s Dutch headquarters. Specifically, our office stimulates innovation by encouraging collaboration.

We build on Danone’s long-established core values

An integral part of our building concept is to offer an environment that is inspiring and energy-boosting. Health and wellbeing are the key ingredients of Danone’s mission and vision. The new office will become the ultimate environment for healthy working practices – a place where employees can look after their own, as well as Danone’s customers’ wellbeing.
Open staircases facilitate spontaneous encounters
The social staircase at the heart of the atrium

Stimulated co-working Through Design

Our building features green and informal meeting spaces to stimulate co-working and encourage relaxed encounters and exchanges. We designed these welcoming, sociable areas to facilitate Danone’s philosophy of knowledge sharing, so that people with different areas of expertise can help and inspire each other, boosting innovation.

Spaces that encourage knowledge exchange and open areas for relaxed encounters

Helping the Planet

One Step at A Time

Greenery helps boost performance

In our vision, sustainability is far more than a buzzword: It’s a daily necessity. We believe that sustainability should play a vital role in real-estate development and design, right from the start of the process.

We place a firm focus on helping the environment through our use of materials and by minimising the carbon footprint – a vision that is completely in line with the sustainability goals of Danone.

Floor to ceiling windows maximise the daylight


Sharing a campus in Hoofddorp, Danone and ASICS also share complementary visions – a healthier lifestyle for their customers, whether through healthier eating or sport and activities. Our buildings for these two brands express that relationship through their harmonious architectural styles, and the pleasant, park-like garden that connects the two.


For us, ‘sustainable’ means that the building should minimize its impact on the environment while also creating a truly healthy workplace for employees. Our ambitions in both these areas are high, and the world’s most recognized certifications in these fields – WELL (health and wellbeing) and LEED (sustainability) are our aim.
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows provide soothing views of water and greenery
Our aim is a building that is as healthy for its workers as it is for the environment


To best serve Danone’s needs on this project, we formed mutually beneficial partnerships to stimulate creativity and combine resources.

  • Architecture Powerhouse
  • Engineering Pleijsier Bouw
  • Engineering DVP
  • Consultancy DGMR
  • Urban Design LAP
  • Engineering DEERNS
  • Consultancy IMD
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A unique floating office

Floating Office Rotterdam

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