A New Lifestyle in Leiden

Our LEAD project will be a bold new landmark for Leiden – a residential complex with a strong focus on a high quality of life that’s accessible to everyone.

Leiden, NL
55,000 m² GFA
380 spaces
2018 - 2023
Finalizing design

Striking silhouette

Our development will feature a striking silhouette: three staggered volumes consisting of a stand-alone 115-m-high tower, plus two more towers connected by a ‘park’ of stepped green terraces. Together with the existing buildings, the ascending, staggered masses of the ensemble create a strong urban statement – perfect for a new kind of urban living.


Architecture by POWERHOUSE

The park will ensure a great quality of life for the residents, as well as those living nearby

With LEAD, we set the standard for future living, offering a new take on the urban lifestyle. Our development combines high-quality residences with future-proof and sustainable design and a clear connection with the great outdoors. In between the buildings, our new park will ensure a great quality of life for the residents, as well as those living nearby. We will carry the park theme through into the buildings, where terraces will form an ascending ‘park’ of lively green places where residents can enjoy the outdoor life. In LEAD, we will combine about 580 apartments of different types – a lively mix of townhouses, duplex apartments, studios for starters and family apartments with extensive terraces.


Residential units

Our iconic development forms part of a strong urban landscape
The location is perfect: near the city center and train station

newest hotspot

Best of Both Worlds

A strong focus on sustainability and quality of life for all in a green environment

Our LEAD building will be Leiden’s newest hotspot. Located near the city center, with great public-transport links and easy accessibility by car, LEAD is the perfect location for a dynamic urban lifestyle. Meanwhile the new park and abundant greenery offer the possibility of more relaxing moments – right in the heart of the city. Combining a green setting and a central location, LEAD brings residents the best of both worlds.


For this exciting and innovative project, we formed mutually beneficial partnerships to stimulate creativity and combine resources – resulting in the best possible project outcomes.

  • Architecture Powerhouse
  • Development RED Company
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A Contemporary Classic

The BaanTower

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