Think District

In the Schinkelkwartier in Amsterdam, we will develop the Think District: an innovative, sustainable new neighbourhood where inclusive living and working are in balance with nature. A living lab in which innovation and collaboration fluently blend together.

Amsterdam, NL
179.700 mÂČ BVO
approx. 1.200 spaces
2022 - 2028


Total number of apartments

A district where smart is put to work

Imagine a district in which work, life, nature, and leisure seamlessly intertwine. Think District is a sustainable development that consists of 1,300 homes, 6,500 workspaces, 8,000 m2 of commercial and social facilities such as a coding school, and 1,200 underground parking spaces.

Our vision is to create a place where people want to linger
With exceptional public spaces

Embedded in a lush green park

The spacious urban park, for which Delva Landscape Architecture and Urbanism has made a first design, consists of varied public spaces, such as parks, squares and walking paths and waterways. Sustainability and health play an important role in the area. Therefore, movement and sport is stimulated by the design of these public spaces. Furthermore, Think District connects seamlessly with the adjacent Nieuwe Meer, one of Amsterdam’s largest recreational areas. The prominent position of the landscape within Think District ensures that it is a catalyst of biodiversity for the entire environment.

We believe innovation needs space. Space to think, to work, to live, and to share

Co-founder of RED Company, Nanne de Ru

“Historically, Amsterdam is known for it’s bold entrepreneurship and iconic housing quarters. In the Think District, these two qualities come together in a truly 21st century district for living, working and recreation”


Number of workspaces

A new home for IBM

The multi-tenant building will accommodate the Benelux headquarter of IBM. One of the most iconic companies in the world, IBM is known for many industry leading and world changing products. Since 1952, IBM has had a strong presence in the Schinkelkwartier in Amsterdam and has been a part of the district since it became part of Amsterdam’s major expansions. Today, IBM is one of the world’s leading organizations in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Hybrid Cloud computing. In 2019, the Dutch government proposed a strategy to strengthen research and innovation ecosystems by investing in key technologies with a focus on solving social challenges. Amsterdam has been chosen as the excellence center for retaining AI-talent. This next-generation office will be shaped around the notion that innovation matters, and thereby focusing on cooperation, well-being, and smart technology. Making it a perfect future workplace for the current and new AI-talent.

Next-generation office

The design for this state-of-the-art office building originated from the idea that the office of the future will be more of a meeting place to share knowledge and ideas. Health, well-being and integrated technology will pay an essential part in this next-generation office. The recognizable and impressive design of the building, including large window frames, will ensure that the correct amount of daylight will enter the office floors and the state-of-the-art installations provides the best air quality. The combination of natural light, air quality, the green environment and facilities such as a gym and meditation rooms result in a work environment where people want to meet and work while it simultaneously increases their productivity.

By aiming the certificates WELL Platinum, BREEAM Outstanding, and WiredScore ceritfication, the building will not only be a healthy place, but also a very sustainable one

Future-proofing an iconic monument

The existing monumental HDK building will be renovated and future-proofed according to the highest technological and sustainability standards.

Health as main focus

The fundamental principles have been translated into a special atrium that is the green, beating social heart of this new iconic office building. The atrium is the social hub that encourages meetings as well as co-creation through several amenities and collective facilities, such as a gym, conference room, coffee corners, restaurant, yoga, meditation rooms and other social functions. In this lively, open and interactive environment that accommodates various forms of working, the atrium as a ‘connector’ ensures a stimulating and innovative environment. In addition to being a place to work, the office also becomes a place for health and sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. Health is also reflected in the greenery in and around the building. The building is designed in such a way that Think District’s urban park weaves seamlessly into and around the building, creating a series of landscape terraces whilst draping green through the inside of the atrium and connecting the multiple levels.


To make one of the most forward thinking districts of Amsterdam a reality, we formed mutually beneficial partnerships to stimulate creativity and combine resources

  • Masterplan Architect: Powerhouse Company
  • Architect Residential Blocks:  Donna van Milligen Bielke,
  •  Joppe Kusters,
  •  LOER Architecten
  •  Gregorio Pecorrelli
  • Architect Current IBM Office: Office Winhov
  • Financing Partner: ABN AMRO
  • Landscape Architect: Delva Landscape Architects
  • Project Management: DVP
  • Advisor IBM: CBRE
  • Legal Advisor: Allen & Overy, DLA Piper
  • Structural Engineers: Van Rossum, BREED ID
  • Advisor MEP: DVP Smart Concepts, Roodenburg
  • Advisor Building Fysics: DGMR
  • Advisor Spatial Planning: Mees Ruimte & Milieu
  • Graphic Design: George & Harrison
  • Branding: Build in Amsterdam
  • Concept & Placemaking: Anne van der Zwaag
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